Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Teaching Math with Minecraft #2: Understanding Addition, Multiplication, and the Commutative Property

In a previous post, we ran an impromptu learning experiment using Minecraft to explore different kinds of numbers (even, odd, prime, and square). 

That first video prompted a number of very interesting conversations.  One question that many adults ask is, "elementary arithmetic is so simple, what is there to really understand beyond memorizing a bunch of math facts?" 

Actually, there's an awful lot to understand. Memorizing math facts develops fluency, which is important.  But conceptual understanding is altogether different - and equally important. 

In an effort to give a concrete example of what "understanding" looks like and how it is different from memorizing facts, I invited Swifty7777 back for a second conversation.

In this episode, we dig in to some more advanced topics in arithmetic:
  • What is addition?
  • What is multiplication?
  • What is the relationship between addition and multiplication?
  • What is the commutative property of addition?  Of multiplication?
  • How is commutativity similar and different for addition and multiplication?

What reactions, questions, or insights does this video generate for you? 

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